Suppliers of raw materials
to the fragrance & flavour industries

As suppliers / distributors of materials to the fragrance and flavour industries, our goal is to provide high quality materials at competitive prices with an exceptional level of service. 

Established in 1984, SRS Aromatics Ltd is an independent family owned business which has become highly respected within the fragrance and flavour industry as a reliable and trustworthy partner. 

Over the years this has allowed SRS Aromatics Ltd to develop strong relationships with many global manufacturers; several of whom we represent in the UK.

A core aim of our business is to work extremely closely with both our suppliers and customers to maximise service levels with minimum disruption to supply.

Benefits of working with SRS Aromatics Ltd:

  • Over 35 years of industry experience
  • Company independence allows for greater flexibility
  • Personal and friendly focus on all customers, regardless of size
  • Fast response and adaptable approach to customer needs
  • Variable (non-restrictive) packing options
  • Local stock holding in SRS Aromatics Ltd’s on-site warehouse
  • Diverse range of products

SRS Aromatics Ltd partners in the UK with the following companies:

Accreditations / Affiliations / Associations: